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Technology and the ARTS

My students need computers in our classroom because I use technology to teach my students about the standard methods and evolving trends technically being used in the fields of music, dance and theater.

This teacher seemingly does it all. They teach band, dance AND theater. But it seems that their budget keeps getting cut. So we're going to try to level the playingfield by getting some computers and a CD player for these students.

Check out the Project Here!

Author's Notes

The new site is just about done. I'm still wrapping up some info in the About sections and adjusting block padding. As well as NetObjects Fusion Essentials served me, it was time to move to a CMS (especially for mobile users.) I hope you enjoy the new functionality.

Regarding the comic, "Somewhere."

Some of these comics are inspired by true events. Like this one. I definitely said, "It's St. Patrick's Day somewhere" to a concerned coworker.

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The Irish should weigh in on this debate.
Bringing out the best in people.
Wait... they actually sell them?