Valentine's Day Special from Series VIII

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Graphic Design and Photography Portfolios

My students need the ability to store and display the graphic design and photography work that they create in Digital Media class in order to document their progress and share their designs to potential clients.

Time to reinvest in my home... city... kind of. To be fair, I've lived in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life. But I've been working there since 2009. So, it's basically my home city. Anyway, we're going to help Ms. Stich with some portfolio supplies for her students.

Check out the Project Here!

Mr. Grim's Thoughts

Author's Notes on "League"

Admittedly, I didn't know very much about Elvira. When I told my girlfriend I was doing research for the comic and she saw Elvira on my screen, there was some skepticism... Happy Valentine's Day!

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And evil is afoot 24/7.
On the Highway to Hell.
She wouldn't let things go.