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Welcome to the Underworld

Sometimes it takes Death to illustrate the absurdities in life.

He once murdered three people with a coconut.

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To More Comic Goodness

Author’s Notes

I have to admit this series finale crept up on me. I was all ready to write a regular comic, but had to change courses once I realized where we were. Series VII now consists of 52 comics and marks the first series that begged for money... I mean, used Patreon as a subscription platform. Thanks to your support, we've given hundreds of dollars to schools, making Series VII a huge success.

Because I had to switch gears so quickly, this comic was a huge pain in the a** to write. After two days of trashed concepts, we end Series VII on a John Wick parody. This is fitting because Grim, much like Mr. Wick, has a long way to go before retiring.

If you’re looking for merch, check out The Grims store! The store features original designs that can go on t-shirts, mugs, hats and more! I hope to be uploading a new design every month.