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Ah the joys of being a cartoonist.

She killed so many zombies that night.

Yeah... he kinda looks like this.

You are looking genius straight in the face right now.

“Grim” Jim Litz - Author, Artist, Animator, Webmaster

Jimmy started drawing Mr. Grim in the margins of his seventh grade Spanish notebook. Later that year, he drew 11 more reapers but did not start writing comics until 2003. After receiving encouraging feedback from his peers and family he wrote three full-length comics for a satiric magazine published for the Mundelein High School Marching Band. In college, Jimmy condensed his comics into four-panel strips and began a long career writing for the Carthage College newspaper, The Current. In 2009, his strip “Teaching” won 2nd place in the national ACP Cartooning Contest.

Christine Cerniglia - Editor in Chief

Christine was among the first loyal readers of The Grims. She has since become an invaluable component of The Grims Inc. Not a single comic goes out without Christine reading it first. She not only provides excellent constructive criticism, but she also has an impeccable talent for proofreading. Without her guidance, The Grims would be reduced to a grammatical train wreck.

Justin Moy - Programmer

Among the best programmers I have had the privilege of knowing, Justin offered to code The Grims App for Facebook. This beautifully constructed app allows users to rate and comment on their favorite Grims comics. He has patiently maintained the app through the years and has proven himself to be a much needed component of The Grims Inc.

Alias G (Matt Gerton) - Composer

Matt has an uncanny knowledge about digital mixing technologies. He composes many original mixes, equalizes existing songs and can even transcribe certain songs. (Really. I’ve seen him do it on his phone.) His “Grims Theme,” which debuted in the short animation “Flower Empowered,” is a work of pure genius. I literally gave him a few adjectives describing how I wanted it to sound and he gave me a masterpiece in return. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this man and his musical talents.